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  • Slim external battery / durable design: the Li-Ion 2200 mAh battery keeps a fast and durable charge for all USB devices.
  • Discreet and elegant design in black ABS with the HERO 911 collection logo.
  • Easily accessible. It allows quick access in case of an emergency.
  • Instant window breaker: According to the National Highway Safety Administration, 52% of accidents involving a submerged vehicle result in at least one death. Fortunately, with the powerful window breaker, you and your passengers can escape quickly.
  • Seat belt cutter: This device gives you easy access to a sharp blade. A safe and fast alternative because it only takes 10 seconds to completely cut a standard seat belt. Save your life or that of a loved one. Better than a pocket knife because this device is close at hand.
  • 3-Mode LED Flashlight: Imagine not only having your phone light charged, but from another more robust device. Save battery life with the low beam setting, and navigate your way with the high setting. The fast red flash mode will be sure to grab the attention of a potential rescue.
  • Tested and reliable: You can count on it in an emergency, because we have personally done the necessary tests to ensure the quality of our HERO 911 products.

6 in 1 safety device