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The smallest fire extinguisher in the world 

Elegant and intriguing here is a mini fire extinguisher

which will surprise your friends with its very original look.

You can count on him in case of emergency, because we have personally done the necessary tests to ensure the quality of our products that bear the name HERO 911.

boite hero 911 extincteur2.png

Compact and lightweight, 

you can carry it everywhere. It can even fit in a car glove compartment.


Here is GREAT gift idea

HERO 911 W HAND web.png
  • Compact and Light

  • Easy to Carry

  • Powerful

  • 10-Year Warranty

  • Rechargeable

250g ABC Chemical Powder Fire Extinguisher

Single-use device, rechargeable. 

Can extinguish an early class fire:

A) Scrap/wood/paper B) Flammable liquids

C) Electrical appliances. 


Protect those you love.

Get Reinoldmax today 

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